Quick kid’s crafts

Here are a couple of quick crafts I have recently done with my 2 year old son. Mess free painting mat and the lava bottle. Both quick, colourful and mess free, which is always a bonus.

The mess free painting mat starts with a large snap lock bag and paint. I used some finger paint I already had in 4 colours. Squirt the paint into different areas of the bag. I also added 2 different colours of glitter for some added bling but is not a must. Next squeeze out all the air, lock and then tape down onto a table or bench top, where your child can sit. Another idea is to tape to a window. I used wide masking tape and taped down all 4 sides. But 1 side over the opening is fine. It’s fun to sit a squish the paint around, mixing the colours and making hand prints on the plastic. Ben enjoyed it a lot and kept coming back to it for days.
The lava bottle is a take on a lava lamp. Take a clean, label free drink bottle pour in half water and half cooking oil leaving an inch or two from the top. Next add a couple of drops of food and glitter if you want. The next step is optional, take a broken effervescent tablet eg antiacid, barocca or I used a ural sachet which is what I had in the house. Add to bottle, screw on cap and watch the colour and bubbles. If you don’t add the tablet just invert the bottle.

Both these crafts last for ages. If like me, until they get trashed. Ben liked using the lava bottle as a rolling pin on the painting mat, combining the two activities. The painting mat also makes a cool place mat for snack time. Adults also like playing with both of these, I found a friend mixing all the colours together to make brown.

Have fun trying this out.