Happy Birthday Lolly Cake Numbers

Recently my son Ben turned 2. I decided I wasn’t going to have a big party. We had only had our daughter a few weeks earlier and didn’t need that stress. So we had our coffee group but made it into a little party. I didn’t want to make the birthday cake an ordeal like last year but still wanted it to be special. I ended up making a lolly cake in the shape of a 2. The idea came from an unusual place, New Zealand’s next top model. Last year twins Nelly & Elsa had their 18th birthday on the show and they said their mother always made them both lolly cake in their age.

I loved this idea and thought it was perfect and easy.

I used 2 packets of malt biscuits crushed, 200g melted butter, 1 can sweetened condensed, your choice of lollies. I used marshmallows and M&Ms but eskimo lollies are traditional. Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl, then roll into a log shape and roll in dessicated coconut. I put the coconut into a snap lock bag and added a few drops of food colouring before covering the cake. Then mould the log into your desired shape or number.

Both my husband & I felt like kids again. This recipe wasn’t overly sweet like we were expecting so was easy to eat. Ben loved it and I would definitely make it again.