Mummy’s Magic Chicken Soup

Now that winter is here there is nothing as comforting and a bowl of nice warm soup on a cold day. I love soup. It’s like a whole lot of love in a bowl. I like that is only needs one pot too.

This particular recipe was a made up one, after my little man at age 6-7 months got his first tummy bug. I took the veges I had in the fridge, some chicken, dried herbs, an apple and chicken stock. I called it magic because after only having breast milk for a few days, he would eat this. Also it tasted so yummy, my husband and I were very happy to eat it.

I usually use a carrot, mushrooms,  potato, & orange kumara makes for a creamy soup. An apple is my secret ingredient. I have made it without and it’s just not the same. I use a couple of chicken drumsticks, as you get more flavour with the bone. I might add other vegetables if I have them in the house eg celery, pumpkin, butternut. Herbs used are usually thyme and a bay leaf.  I also used a stock jelly with a couple of cups of water. I just leave it to bubble away until everything is cooked and soft. Then remove the bones and bay leave and puree until smooth. Somtimes I like to serve with a splash of cream or milk and toast soldiers.


Ben likes to help, he’s started eating the veges raw out of the pot as I’m chopping them up. He also likes the apple so I have to chop one for him and one for the soup.   Today’s soup has butternut in it as my daughter has started solids.  I also freeze the leftovers into a ice cube tray and add to Emma’s dinners.  She seems to really enjoy it now too.  I’m very very lucky that so far neither of my kids have any allergies to foods, and will eat a lot of different foods.

I’m sure you could substitute where possible for special diet needs or go all organic.

happy soup love 🙂