Emma’s Pink Pixiecape – by Big Little

Toward the end of last year I came across an old cot size woolen baby blanket of mine. Over 30 years old, light pink and in reasonable condition, with no holes. I contacted the lovely Lisa from Big Little, to see if she could work her magic on it. I have been a fan of Lisa’s work for some time. She is truly inspiring with her use of vintage woolen fabrics, hand embroidery and detailing. Her hats, coats & capes for little ones just embody the whole warmth of the made with love vision.

My mum died when I was 15. I have very little of her belongings left. So when I opened an old suitcase and found the pink blanket, it was like she was sending Emma & I a present. It is hard to think about, my mum has never met my husband or got to see or hold my children. So little finds like this are very sentimental. Along with the blanket I still have my mum’s wedding dress, a 1970’s polyester and cotton lace creation, that I’m sure was stunning, in it’s day. I had used a butterfly applique from her dress and sewed it inside my wedding gown, so I borrowed another butterfly (yes more than one) and a flower, hoping it might be used. I searched everywhere for a floral fabric I liked, which is new and got some 1940’s wooden buttons from etsy. I gathered my pieces and went to meet Lisa, as we had previously been messaging only.

I loved the hooded cape idea, especially with Lisa’s trademark pixie point. Due to the small blanket we luckily only lost a centimetre off the length and she managed to squeeze in the hood too yay! I didn’t want a lot of embroidery and I liked that it should go down one side of the cape. Lisa said she would use the lining as inspiration for her design.

This little cape has turned out perfect. It has something from both myself and my mum for Emma. Finally Emma is getting a big warm hug from her Nana.

It is truly a heirloom piece, that I hope one day will be worn by my grandchildern.


The biggest thank you to Lisa from Big Little for all your help