Me & Mary

So I signed up with Mary Kay.  But just for the discount on my own products.  Yeah right!  They should sell that on a tshirt.

But once you start doing the pamper parties and earn the rewards and bonuses, it’s quite a nice feeling.  I have earned a free bag and a makeup tool box, I’m now looking the part of a Mary Kay consultant.  I love going to the makeup workshops run by a very talented makeup artist, young business woman & Mark Kay Unit Director called Hayley Robinson.  Everyone you meet is inspiring and helpful.  Sometimes I feel like the fraud who should be at home in my jarmies knitting.  But my mentor Carol is wonderful and very supportive.  The whole company is set up and tested to dream big, work hard and you can succeed.  No magic, just hard work and a great supportive network of amazing women.

I have had friends and family look quite confused by the fact I’m doing Mary Kay.  “So YOU’RE selling skincare and cosmetics?” Yes me?!  So I haven’t worn a lot of makeup. Most of my mummy friends haven’t even seen me in makeup.  But they have now and boy do they notice the change.  I get a lot of “I want my skin to look like that”.  That’s why I say I’m not selling, I’m just show and telling people what I love.  I love my skin now, it’s better than in my 20s.  I make the makeup work for me.  I don’t have 30 mins to put on a face full.  2-3 minutes if that is my aim and now I want to wear it out.  Now that my kids are getting older it makes me feel like not just a mum but a part of just me again.  Just a little bit more confident again.

Goals : I would love to get my red jacket.  That’s starting my own little team.  Now that would be fab.